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By November 6, 2012Tutorial

Why Optimize your Website?

Its simple really, people don’t like slow websites. It puts them off and increases the likelihood of them leaving. So you have to ask yourself – “Are you just going to let them go?” or are you going to do something about it!

What are the benefits?

Websites that are more efficient generally perform better and load faster. Improved loading times can directly impact sales and retention rates which is a positive thing for you.

We Fix the most Common Issues and more

  • Image Optimization
  • Add image dimensions where possible
  • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
  • Defer parsing of JavaScript where possible.
  • Reduce total page size
  • Reduce total number of requests
  • Database Optimization
  • Setup CDN (I recommend Max CDN)
  • Configure caching via the server or by plugin (I prefer via the server)
  • Enable and configure Gzip Compression
  • Server optimization ( applicable to VPS and Dedicated servers only)

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