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By December 8, 2012Tutorial

Mobile Internet usage is on the rise, and the world of Web design continues to evolve so designers must learn to accomodate mobile devices. Thinking “Oh, my users won’t visit my website on a mobile device” is the worst mistake of all.There has been a long-running war going on over the mobile Web: it can be summarized with the following question: “Is there a mobile Web?”
That is, is the mobile device so fundamentally different that you should make different websites for it, or is there only one Web that we access using a variety of different devices? Acclaimed usability pundit Jakob Nielsen thinks that you should make separate mobile websites. I disagree.

“We have completely redesigned Access so that it is no longer separate from our main website but is now right at the center of it, enabling our Access customers to enjoy the same features and functionality available on the standard grocery website. As part of this work we have had to retire the old Access website.”

1. Elegant Design

2. Stylish Look

3. Corporate Feel

4. Html5 + CSS


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