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January 2013

Remove WP Generator Meta Tag

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It can be considered a security risk to make your wordpress version visible and public you should hide it.

Put in functions.php file in your theme:

[[code class=" language-javascript"]]czozMDU6XCI8c3BhbiBjbGFzcz1cInRva2VuIGZ1bmN0aW9uXCI+cmVtb3ZlX2FjdGlvbjxzcGFuIGNsYXNzPVwidG9rZW4gcHVuY3R1YXR7WyYqJl19aW9uXCI+KDwvc3Bhbj48L3NwYW4+PHNwYW4gY2xhc3M9XCJ0b2tlbiBzdHJpbmdcIj5cJ3dwX2hlYWRcJzwvc3Bhbj48c3BhbiBjbGFzcz1cIntbJiomXX10b2tlbiBwdW5jdHVhdGlvblwiPiw8L3NwYW4+IDxzcGFuIGNsYXNzPVwidG9rZW4gc3RyaW5nXCI+XCd3cF9nZW5lcmF0b3JcJzwvc3Bhbj57WyYqJl19PHNwYW4gY2xhc3M9XCJ0b2tlbiBwdW5jdHVhdGlvblwiPik8L3NwYW4+PHNwYW4gY2xhc3M9XCJ0b2tlbiBwdW5jdHVhdGlvblwiPjsNCg17WyYqJl19Cjwvc3Bhbj5cIjt7WyYqJl19[[/code]]

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Contact form 7 and bootstrap

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Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 modifies all the output of the popular Contact Form 7 plugin to be fully compatible with the current version 3 of the popular CSS framework Bootstrap.


<div class="row">
  <div class="col-md-6">
    Fullname(*)<br />
    [text* your-name]
  <div class="col-md-6"> 
    Phone(*)<br /> 
    [tel* tel-979] 
</div><!-- .row-->




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Some tricks for Image Optimization WordPress Website

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Some tricks for Image Optimization WordPress Website. One of the simplest and most effective ways to take your website from good to great is Image Optimization. Not only does it help with the appearance it also helps with SEO Rankings.

With Google focusing heavily on Mobile responsive websites, images are no longer simply eye-candy, they are there to do a job within the context of extremely limited screen space. However as mobile download rates still lag behind those available on desktop, every pixel potentially counts. Users demand fast pages and research by HTTP Archive shows that images are the main cause of lagging websites and on average weigh in at 1.25MB per image. This will create a poor user experience for mobile users. The industry suggests that users expect a website to load within two seconds, however the average load time on mobile phones is around seven seconds. Google SEO requires that your page should load in one second or less.

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Benefits of Blogging – Search Visibility, Leads and Conversions

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We’re often asked about the importance of blogging for a business, especially by smaller businesses. We are all time poor in today’s age with small businesses often suffering the most or simply just not having the skill set to blog or think of topics to blog about. But there are some major benefits of blogging for all businesses, no matter how big or small you are.

Blogging is essential to the success of your website presence and in turn the success of your business. Blogging assists with search visibility which brings in leads and converts into sales. So we are going to share with you some of the benefits to blogging and ultimately the success of your business.

Benefits of Blogging 1: Visibility on search engines

Everyone is aware of the significant importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO allows for your website to be put in front of your target audience when they search certain phrases. Search engines are not fond of websites that stagnate. Your content on your website should be ever changing. The easiest way to do this is to create blogs. Posting a blog once a week or even monthly shows the various search engines that your website and business is an active one. Dormant websites tend to lose rankings and disappear from being found. Every new blog you post is like leaving more useful information on the website which will help when you are “fishing” for clients. Blogs are your various additional links that hook in your potential target audience to travel to your website. The more “hooks” you have the higher your chances for conversion.

Blogs also assist with inbound links. These are wonderful for SEO. Inbound links are where people use their website to link back to your website example, you write a blog about cute kittens facts. A pet shop sees your blog, they then write their own blog and reference back to your website through a link. These links are important for SEO as well as for reaching a whole new target audience, the pet shop clients. Inbound links are great for significant referral traffic to your website.

Hubspot shows that the more pages a website has the more leads it gets. According to hubspot, businesses with 400 to 1000 pages of content get 6x times leads. So if you want more leads then blogging is the way to go.

Benefits of Blogging 2: Getting personal

Think about your most current shopping experience or telephone call. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a person talking to you either face to face or on the other side of the phone. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a computerised voice on the other side of a call or getting a grumpy miserable shop clerk. Being made to feel special has probably helped you get you across the line and close the deal.

The same works with blogging. Writing about relevant happenings or providing useful information to your end users gives them a fair more pleasant user experience not just the same old generic content that every website has. When writing about things you are passionate about, the reader can sense the passion and emotion and will be engulfed in every word and want to keep coming back.

Benefits of Blogging 3: Allowing for social sharing

Allowing your blogs to become the high quality content for your social media and newsletters will result in you and your business. Allow your blogs to help position you as the expert in your field. Your audience will be able to engage with you, trust you and ultimately share your words to another audience that you are currently involved with, thus leading to increased website traffic. It is at this point that you will become familiar with your audience and been seen as the person to go to.

Social sharing and blogging also gives businesses to connect with prospective through two way conversation. Getting comments and feedback are great. Even criticism, if responded to in the correct way, can be good exposure for your business. Use this time to ask your audience questions and or find out what they would like to see in terms of blog topics.

Benefits of Blogging 4: Increase conversion rates

As previously discussed search engines don’t like inactive websites, well neither do your target audience. Constant updates show your potential clients that your business if active and potentially thriving. If you can’t update your blog regularly then we advise getting help. It never looks good for your business when you blog regularly then disappear then re-appear. Your audience give you their trust so don’t abuse it.

Be fresh with your content, become the expert in your field, build internal (and external) links (for SEO) and watch your conversion rates increase. Blogs are one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Start differentiating your business from your competitors.

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